These conditions are consistent part of the charter-contract and are certified by signatures.

- Charters usually start on Saturday from 17:00 hours and end on Saturday until 09:00 hours (Friday 18:00 return to marina + overnight). Other days of the week may be possible upon request. Berth in marina Kremik is free of charge the whole time.


- Upon receipt of Booking Confirmation we will issue Charter Confirmation and send you the Invoice accordingly.


- Within 15 days from the date of confirmation we require advance payment of 50%, otherwise booking will be canceled automatically. One month before clients departure we require full payment along with the crew list + 1 copy of sailing license.


- The charteree guarantees that the Yachts shall be available at the arranged time and in good condition.


- The yacht shall be given at charterer's disposal with full fuel and water tanks. The inventory list shall be signed by both parties. If the charteree is not able to get

ready the yacht from the charter contract, he has a right to give to the charterer a yacht of the same number of seats and beds, without any claims on payment. If the charteree is not able to give to the charterer another yacht in 24 hours, the charterer can give up the contract, and shall get the whole sum paid for charterer back.

- The yacht is insured against damages from the third parties, and it also has kasko insurance of the yacht and equipment. The crew is insured towards the affective law of the Republic of Croatia.


- The charterer (guest) certifies with his signature to take care of the yacht and navigate it carefully and according to the rules of a good navigator. He shall navigate within the border sailing area (Croatian coast). The yacht shall not be given or rented to any third party and he shall return it as it has been arranged by this Charter contract. On the contrary the charterer shall pay for all the damages that he himself caused.


- More Charter staff will collect refundable guarantee deposit in cash or by credit card, as per our price list, upon embarkation. Guaranteed deposit is also required, even if a skipper is hired at extra cost.


- Damages on the engine and sails, equipment damages or loss, that happen at the fault of the charterer, shall be paid from the deposit. Regular tear and wear as well as hidden defects are explicitly excluded and should be fixed at the

expense of the boat owner. If there is a damage which happend during the sailing, the charterer is obliged to inform the charteree immediately, report the case to the harbour headquarters and write down a suitable report for the insurance purposes. On the contrary, the charterer has to pay all the costs himself. If there are no damages on the yacht and the inventory the deposit shall be returned.

- The charterer is obliged to return the yacht roughly cleaned and tidy, without the crew and their personal luggage at least until the date and time specified by this Charter contract including the physical take-over lasting for an hour. Therefore, it is recommended to return the yacht in the marina the night before the Charter-contract termination date.


- If the returning of the yacht is later than stated in this Charter-contract, the charterer has following costs, which can be paid directly or from the deposit:


1) for the delay of 4 hours 10% of the weeks payment

2) for the delay of 10 hours, the charterer has to pay 20% of the weeks payment

3) for the delay of more than 10 hours and for every new day of the delay, the charterer has to pay 30% of whole payment

-The charterer is obliged to return the yacht with full water and diesel tanks.

- Optional extras, resereved by client in advance, for any of our bases, are required to be paid upon embarkation in cash. This is the only accepted procedure. If paid by credit cards, then surcharge of 5% will be required.

- Transfers from airport to base can be arranged upon request. Prices depend on the distance. For 2015 price list please contact us.

- Food provisioning can also be arranged upon request. Such list is available.

- Hotel reservations, car rental, ferry tickets can also be arranged upon request.

- Cancellation fees are calculated depending on the period of the time between the date of cancellation and the departure date as follows:

a) For bookings cancelled earlier that the down mentioned: 250€ (dossier's expenses) are retained

b) For bookings cancelled 90-60 days before departure: 30% of the yacht fees are retained

c) For bookings cancelled 59-30 days before departure: 50% of the yacht fees are retained

d) For bookings cancelled 29-0 days before departure: 100% of the yacht fees are retained.


- If the cancellation is due to objective reasons (death of a family member, heavy injury, war or other) the accepted deposit shall not be paid back, but the charteree shall give the yacht to the charterer at his disposal for another free period of time or within another season.


Claims are negotiable maximum within 14 days from the end of the charter but only if the client has contacted the base to mention any problem during his charter. Otherwise no claim will be accepted.

- All agreements and changes should be done in writing and agreed upon by both parties. All issues in question shall be solved by peaceful agreement, and eventual unsolved cases which can not be solved peacefully, shall be under court's jurisdiction in the charteree's place of residence.


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Extra riduzione Extra riduzione

Capelli 21 2017
12/07/2019 - 02/08/2019
1.500€ 1.275€/ 7 giorni
per person / 7 giorni
Località: Pula
13/07/2019 - 27/07/2019
Cuccette: 6
2.550€ 2.168€/ 7 giorni
per person / 7 giorni
Cab.: 3 / WC: 1
Località: KRK
13/07/2019 - 20/07/2019
Cuccette: 6+2
1.700€ 1.190€/ 7 giorni
per person 149€/ 7 giorni
Cab.: 3 / WC: 1
Località: MURTER

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